The Firearm Debate and Personal Protection Dogs

With the gun debate raging in the media, the emotional impact runs very high on both sides. From a pure perspective, neither the Government nor the 2nd Amendment guarantees the right to defend yourself and your family. That right is a God-given right and it is your personal right of freedom and protection. How you do this is the debate.

The conceal carry of a hand gun falls into this debate. Here are some of the statistics about the use of firearms as it relates to self defense. There are several million people who have the right to carry a concealed firearm legally in the U.S. Most of these folks remove their firearm when they come home and put it in a drawer or locked cabinet, making it useless for home invasion protection. Most folks that conceal carry do not carry their firearm on a day to day basis. Most people who have firearms are inadequately trained to use their firearm in a self defense situation. If an intruder broke into the home in the middle of the night the majority of firearm owners could not defend their family, or could potentially wind up shooting  a family member instead of the intruder. The most astounding fact is, only 1% of the U.S. population is capable of pulling the trigger, hitting the target and taking another human life, regardless of the circumstances. This includes highly trained Law Enforcement Officers. Does that shock you? It should, and you should think about that!

So what do we do? A properly trained Home Personal Protection Dog is the answer. The key words here are properly trained! A Home or Family Personal Protection Dog is always on duty. You never put him away and he is always available in any situation. Your Women’s Personal Protection Dog is always by your side and is designed to keep you safe. Your Protection Dog does this by alerting you to possible unwarranted bad situations. Your Family Personal Protection Dog does not depend upon proper draw execution, or trigger pull, or shot placement. Your Protection Dog has perfect execution and targeting that is appropriate to do the job. Your Home Personal Protection Dog is a defensive deterrent and man stopper. This takes the personal responsibility of taking another person’s life out of the mix. Most importantly, in the middle of the night you do not have to be stumbling around in the dark with a loaded gun, with your kids in the hallway, worrying about defending your family.

The bottom line is, your Home, Family, or Women’s Personal Protection Dog provides you with peace of mind and ultimately added security not attained by a single purpose firearm. Isn’t it time to look into the ultimate Home Protection package for you and your loved ones?

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